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Where are the Honeybees?

Duffy Meadows Research & Consulting was started in order to research honeybee health and to improve rare plant breeding. So one year after it's inception....where are the honeybees?

Good question!
Funny things happen when your business revolves around nature....human goals have to be adjusted, reassessed, and kept fluid. We have a complete ten year timeline mapped for DMRC, and at the end of year one, we completed every task on our list (way to go humans!) Unfortunately, mother nature did not act as we expected. She is not concerned with timelines, borders, or "rules."

Bee plans have been pushed back. To be fair, honeybees were not expected in 2017. We have a lot to build before they arrive, but they were slotted for spring of 2018, and that is no longer happening.

It is still part of the long term plan, but the timing has been deferred. Grant proposals (though written and ready to go!) will not be submitted this year. The hives and cage will not be built this winter.…

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