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Seek Adventure and You Will Find It

What does Duffy Meadows look like 10 months into its restoration? Let's take a look....
The pasture is gorgeous! The pasture is home to many snakes, turtles, and birds. We cut trails for easy travels. As of July 2017 - it is dominated by purple love grass, yarrow, and milkweed. The height ranges from 1-3 feet tall - with the majority being around 2 feet.  The vegetation is there, but it's still pretty sparse.

As the prairie matures, we will spread more of the hardy native species to the pasture and hope to have it much more diverse and much thicker by the time we bring cattle. With the cattle - we will able to mob stock graze and improve the pasture at a much faster rate.  This fall, we will plant shade and forage trees into the pasture for the cattle.

Speaking of the prairie....

This is NOT how you want your prairie to look! This is almost 100% horseweed and some yarrow. We planted the prairie on May 26, 2017 - over 49 different native species. None of them have shown up. The…

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