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If You Build It - They Will Come..... Attracting pollinators and breeding a better berry

From the very first day we walked the land, I have been looking for bees. And they were scarce. I would occasionally see a bumble bee and I did see a honey bee or two - but not very many. Any flowers at the property were usually devoid of life. 
Maybe it was because the land was farmed for so long or because there wasn't very many flowers? Then we seeded the prairie and I was hopeful. I don't know how I expected the bees to find the prairie but I sensed that they would - or I hoped that they would. 
The first plants to come up from our seeds last season were the partridge peas. There weren't very many, but I noticed bumblebees on most of the flowers. Then the prairie started to come alive this summer - so many spotted bee balm and black eyed susans. I didn't notice any bees on the prairie plants until the milkweeds started to bloom - and then it was a bee fiesta! So many bumblebees and a few honey bees. Where are the honey bees coming from? 
Having been to the area be…

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