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A stitch in time saves nine - but sometimes we just have to learn the hard way!

In building the research farm, there have been so many times that I have straight up said "Thank God for the internet!" Unfortunately, there are many times where there are no clear answers and we just have to forge out and try things ourselves.

One of those situations has been getting water with a sandpoint well. Please do not look at this article for well digging advice as we still have not conquered that challenge. However, this article may save you time/energy/money if you ever need a wind/rain/sun shelter.

It all started with the arrival of the research station (read: old trailer.) Once we had a place to work and sleep, we realized that mice would be a problem. So we resolved to only eat/make food outside. Of course, the wind and rain would continuously whip food and utensils from the table and into the sand below.

Our solution, we spent hours attaching a tarp to the trailer and securing it to the ground. Bubble gum and matchsticks - but it seemed to do the trick. Until …

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